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Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Financial needs change dramatically throughout our lives. Saving for your child's education and protecting your family with life and health insurance is just the beginning. Investing wisely for retirement, maximizing professional benefits and thoughtful estate planning should be part of the plan. 


The continuum and overlap of financial needs makes it important to choose an advisor who can see the big picture and go the distance with you. At Keenan Financial, our goal is to help you meet your financial goals both present and future by providing comprehensive financial services and recommendations for both managed and non-managed assets.









Financial Planning



Tax Planning

Estate Planning



Employer Benefits

Employer Match

Stock Option Plans

Investment Accounts

Brokerage Accounts 


IRA (Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE)


529 Plans & Coverdell ESA's

Business Owners

401(K) for Employees

Buy-Sell Insurance

Key Person Insurance

Business Succession Planning


Life Insurance 

Disability Insurance

Health Insurance

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